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Sunday, 1 March 2009

Sea Kayaking Isle of Man - Caution.

On Saturday Jess and I paddled to South Harbour, Calf of Man. Our timing for the Sound races was wrong as we were about 30 minutes from the ebb. All that awaited us were huge wind generated rollers with very little flow. Surfing them was possible but not easy.
We headed off around the Calf but on the SW coast gnarly, huge waves generated by the force 6 winds confronted us. A few were breakers and I think we both felt tested on occasion. Round the back of the Calf these would have driven us onto the cliffs. Especially difficult would have been the funnel through which we would have been propelled as we approached the Stack race. Once round the back of the Calf you are committed and there are no landing areas.
At South Harbour we landed and walked the short distance to the cliffs overlooking Chicken Rock and surveyed the next section of our paddle. We thought we could make it but one capsize, or if the wind strengthened as predicted and this paddle could seem reckless. Jess and I back tracked to the Sound and practiced our roles in the now flowing small race. Today we will time it better as tidal race perfection awaits Jess, Ian and myself with strong tides and an opposing wind.

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