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Thursday, 13 January 2011

Tidal Race Dot Com

I didn't take the photos above. Instead they were taken by Johan Wagner of Escape Outdoors in Sweden. They feature a memorable day in 2006 when some expert paddlers from around the World played and surfed in the Penrhyn Mawr tidal race in North Wales. These, plus others from the same day taken by Jeff Allen of Sea Kayaking Cornwall, have been incorporated into 5 new pages on Written by Phil Clegg of Sea Kayaking UK, these new additions to the tidal race section give an overview, and then detailed information about Penrhyn Mawr, North Stack, South Stack and Rhoscolyn tidal rapids. Timing, flows, location and eddy information are all included. There are now 10 pages of tidal race information on including details of Isle of Man and Canadian tidal rapids, with more under construction. If you want to miss out all the Isle of Man stuff then you can also access these pages through
Of course, it goes without saying that tidal races are dangerous and under no circumstances should you ever paddle into one!