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Monday, 9 March 2009

Sea Kayaking Isle of Man - Lose yourself..

I guess people paddle for all sorts of reasons. Fortunately it's possible to kayak in many different ways. From a sedate flat water paddle on a lake to a grade 5 river run, there really is something for everyone. My preference is the latter, however, we're not blessed with our rivers on the Isle of Man and so I substitute a tidal race for a creek. Tidal race paddling is superb exercise. A couple of hours in a 5 knot current seems equivalent to any of my gym sessions. Of course it's great fun and represents a chance to demonstrate the skills you have acquired over the years. But most of all, as you can see from the photographs above, it's possible to really "lose yourself". Whilst the rest of your life might be degrading into a chaotic mess, non of this matters whilst you are in that race. The effects can last several days beyond the experience. It's better than a dose of prozac. You have to take that everyday! There'll be a new more serious "medical" post on KAYAK later in the week.

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