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Saturday, 14 March 2009

Kayaking Isle of Man - Facebook!

I beat my recent record this morning. I reactivated my Facebook account for 8 minutes before deactivating it again. I guess I'm motivated by herd instinct; everyone is on Facebook and so I should be. Trouble is when I do reactivate it I rapidly become tired and irritated by the whole process. Firstly I have to make sure I am happy with my profile. Facebook chose a photo of me and even cropped it to highlight my face! I didn't like the picture it chose and so I had to find one I did favour and upload it. The few friends I have on facebook then unfold their lives to me - some even tell me what they are eating. I now feel pressurised to do the same but how far should I take this? Just exactly how much detail of my life is required and is anyone really interested? What if I wash my face - do you want to know? I worry someone will "write on my wall" and I may not read it in good time. This could cause them great offence and so again I feel pressurised to be logged on. Perhaps I should install Facebook onto my cell phone and that way the torment could last 24/7! But most of all, I fear someone will throw pooh at me! Yep, I've deactivated my account again.

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