Mainly kayaking photographs taken on the Isle of Man and beyond.

Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Sea Kayaking Isle of Man - Just Messin'

After 3 weeks away working it was good to be back in the Isle of Man. A month without paddling needed correcting and so Ian and I paddled from Laxey to Port Cornaa and back. Only the light winds and tame tides let us down and although the scenery was stunning, the paddle lacked excitement. To compensate it was decided that my 3 piece kayak should be dismantled with me still in it! The Rockpool rough water sea kayak was converted into an extremely unstable, snub nosed play boat which was surprisingly fun to paddle. Meanwhile, Ian's attempts to stand up in his boat ended up predictably.
Next weekend we have spring tides and so it'll be down to the races for more familiar kayaking action.