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Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Sea Kayaking Isle of Man - Update.

I've not paddled since the above photos were shot 2 weekends ago. With two weeks of leave ahead of me I intend to make the most of any paddling opportunities which may arise. In fact Jess and I are off to the Sound tomorrow. The tidal race should be pretty massive!. I'm also hoping that my new Mega Surf Kayak will arrive soon, but so far no response from Mega to my email - the new boat should have been here by now! I may have to revert to the telephone!
I've been surprised by the response to the medical post I put up on last week. It proved very popular. In fact, perhaps I should abandon writing about kayaking and just concentrate on medicine? Either way, I've been asked by quite a few readers why it can no longer be accessed. The answer is it can but it's not easy. To rectify this I'm going to archive them here. There will be a new medical post each week but only on KAYAK. Once the blog entry is replaced it will be archived on the "Welsh Faller" site.

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