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Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Sea Kayaking Isle of Man - Brutal

On Sunday Ian, Jess and myself hit the tidal races down at the Calf Sound, Isle of Man. Strong tides and opposing winds made it brutal! Shaky at first it took me about 20 minutes to gain my paddling composure and exploit the surfing potential at hand.
I shouldn't have relaxed as the brutality continued. Lining myself up for another surf run in the most gnarly "hole" in the race there was a loud bang followed by a sickening thud half way up my chest. I fell sideways both winded and disorientated. Half out of my kayak and with the deck popped, I lay across the water, still in the race, motionless. I was disabled for a few seconds but it felt like minutes. There was no prospect of rolling as I was out. Of course I'd been hit by another kayak from behind and was only really saved by my buoyancy aid. Clearly these serve as "flak jackets" as well as helping you to float.
I got myself together and re-entered the kayak and rolled back up, but not before a few more seconds of hapless flailing about whilst swimming in the race.The shock and force of the impact seemed to throw me and my composure was gone. Once upright I paddled to the eddy and surveyed my boat for damage. There was very little and it amounted to a gouge and a few scratches. I think my chest took most of the impact! Of course if you are ever in this situation and are hurtling along at speed towards a kayaker who can't see you, please role. Mind you, I'm not innocent myself as a few years ago I did the same thing to Butler at Fenella Beach.

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