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Saturday, 17 January 2009

Sea Kayaking Isle of Man - Olympus 1030 SW.

I hadn't paddled for two weeks due to work commitments and I was determined to go despite the force 10 gales predicted to hit the Isle of Man. On Saturday I had a narrow window where I had a mere force 6 westerly to contend with. Gansey was flat when I went through but there were a few small, but well formed surf waves at Port Erin. Paddling out of the bay alone I was exposed to the full force of the gale with some nasty breaking waves and a wind which felt more than a 6. I headed back into the bay and for the surf zone. One wave I caught propelled me in at speed then broke swinging the stern around violently. A forceful high brace kept me upright but the froth ripped my hat from my head. I did catch a glimpse of it later but hats do not seem to be very buoyant and it disappeared into the depths before I could grab it. I hope it doesn't fall into the wrong hands. Further disaster struck as I've managed to "drown" another camera; the fourth in a year. My Olympus 1030 SW has shorted out after 2 months! I have a history of waterproof camera destruction but I have to say they usually last a bit longer than this. I did role a couple of times but it was supposed to be waterproof down to 10 metres and shockproof!


The Black Spot said...

I hope you send this one back for a refund!

Danny said...

Hi John ,

Santa was to bring me the same camera , but I am kind of glad he did'nt now.
I will just wait and see which hold up best or ( longest ) courtesty of yourself ha ha!

Danny .