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Saturday, 17 January 2009

Kayaking Isle of Man - Snaefell.

Snaefell is the highest mountain on the Isle of Man at 2036 feet. From it's summit on a clear day it is possible to see Wales, England, Ireland and Scotland. Despite this you can drive up most of the way to the summit, or take the Manx Electric Railway to the very top. Now, it would seem, there is a third mode of transport with which to make your descent. Thanks to Steve for spotting this clip on YouTube.


René Seindal said...

Do you know the etymology of the name Snaefell? To my Scandinavian ears it sounds like the "snow mountain", but I guess it could be anything.

John said...

Rene, I'm not sure. In Manx it's spelt Sniaull and I do know that there are 3 Icelandic Volcanoes called Snaefell!

René Seindal said...

I'd be very surprised if the Icelanding Snaefell is 'snow mountain'.

Snae = sne (Da.) = snow
Fell = fjell (Da./No.) = mountain

kieran said...

Yes, from what i can remember from Manx history, snaefell does mean snowy mountain, although i can't really remember why....