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Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Sea Kayaking Isle of Man - Credit Crunch Part 2!

We haven't given up on our Norway trip. We have options. One possibility would be to post the kayak to Tromso in Northern Norway and pick it up there in a hire car, having flown in. The Rockpool 3 piece kayak with equipment (paddles, dry suite etc.) weighs about 45 kg in it's custom made, foam lined PVC bag. The bag measures 185 cm by 60 cm by 70 cm. Things have changed a little when it comes to pricing the transport of such a package. It's dimensions are fed into a formula of which Einstein would have been justifiably proud. An equivalent weight is generated! That means a weight is calculated based on what something that big could weigh, rather than what it actually does weigh! In my case I think they used gold bullion, or the yet to be discovered dark matter as their control substance. The equivalent weight came out as 194 Kg rather than the actual weight of 45 Kg! Not surprisingly the resulting cost of transporting the kayak, predominantly by road, to Northern Norway is a bit steep. I won't go into details but my girlfriend and I could have a couple of weeks in Tenerife for this amount alone. Still, I don't smoke, drink much or gamble and if I cut back to 2 meals a day I could probably afford it. I haven't ruled it out but there may also be another option ......


René Seindal said...

Jann Engstad on Lofoten:

Might not be Rockpool but it'll be a kayak :-)

The Black Spot said...

What if you got one of those Dubside-style homeless-person wheely carts? You could go kayaking and collect spare change at the train stations all in one go!