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Sunday, 4 January 2009

Sea Kayaking Isle of Man - 53 minutes 20 seconds.

A few days ago Steve Watt set a new personal best time of 54 minutes and 40 seconds for circumnavigating the Calf of Man by kayak. He encountered difficult conditions and the trip sounded like an epic. On Saturday Ian and myself decided that we would try to beat Steve’s record. We had SW force 2 to 3 winds and a moderate tide. We put virtually no planning into the trip other than deciding to paddle clockwise around the Island, a decision we had made at the very last minute. The best we could do was 53 minutes and 20 seconds! We were both surprised by how slow we were and had expected to knock at least 10 minutes off Steve’s time. Indeed, with better planning, timing the tides more effectively, and ensuring a following wind down one side of the Calf whilst enjoying shelter from the wind on the other then a much better time should be possible. With this in mind Ian and I will be back but at present the time to beat is 53 minutes and 20 seconds if any one fancies a go?
(top 2 photos by Ian Smith)

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