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Saturday, 31 January 2009

Kayaking Isle of Man - Letting off Steam!

I'm wondering, as I sit here listening to Jeff Buckley, "why do we blog?" There seems to be an explosion in the numbers doing it. I wonder if other people write posts and never publish them? Or do they publish, regret and delete them as I did yesterday? Perhaps blogging is not just about sharing information as we may assume, if we don't think too hard about it. Maybe it serves some bigger purpose. Certainly yesterday's now deleted blog entry got a few things off my chest and in itself served a purpose. Of course, there are inherent dangers in letting things spill out onto the vast world wide web. These dangers are well known to one of the surgeons I work with on the Isle of Man, and yet this has not discouraged him. You can find his new blog here and his main website here.

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Ian said...

So what was the post yesterday all about John? You may have deleted it but not before the first few lines were fed to my 'reading list'. First bit's not contentious.