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Saturday, 20 October 2007

Vancouver to Victoria.

Christina and I travelled from Vancouver to Victoria on Vancouver Island today. It took a combination of taxis, ferries, and bizarrely a bus for which we bought tickets on the ferry, whilst the bus itself was also on the ferry?
Victoria is the capital of Vancouver Island. It contrasts markedly with Vancouver City. It has a low rise mixture of modern and Victorian architecture which creates a compelling combination in it's stunning harbour setting. Add to this a vibrancy we missed in Vancouver, plus the first Canadian sunshine we have seen and the scene is set for the beginning of the Island part of our trip. All this however, was spoiled by the news of the recent deaths of a number of local kayakers in a tragic sea kayaking accident. There is confusion about the circumstances, but the combination of severe weather with 7 ft waves seem to be the over riding factors in this tragedy. Sea kayaking is clearly an important sport on this island. Although much larger than the Isle of Man I really cannot begin to imagine the effect such a loss of local paddlers must be having on the community here.

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