Mainly kayaking photographs taken on the Isle of Man and beyond.

Sunday, 21 October 2007


With a hire car acquired Christina and I motored northwest from Vitoria to Port Renfrew. We now entered the Canada we had both hoped and expected for. The undulating coast, carpeted in dense temperate rain forrest, interupted occasionally by quaint log cabins and large timber houses, was complemented by the high mountains visible towards Port Angeles and Seatle in the distance acreoss the San Juan de Fuca Straits. Closer to the coast the heart warming glimpse of perfectly formed surf waves caught my eye. At Jordan River we stopped to marvel at the skills of the local surfers. Unfortunately this beach was owned by the board surfers and no kayakers were to be seen; quite a spectacle never the less.

Beyond Port Renfrew is Botanical Beach where the waves were colossal. I've not witnessed surf like this before! There was no wind and the sea was calm. As at Jordan River we were lulled into thinking that it was over. The tide or breeze must have changed and the surf was gone. All of a sudden a set of massive breakers would appear preceded by the sucking dry of the beach as the sea recedes. Beach which previously had appeared safe would suddenly be engulfed by white water. The air is filled with ozone spray and the sea roares. No wonder there are "Tsunami" warning signs all along this coast!

We returned to Victoria for the night and are now in Nanaimo. We are poised for the next 5 days as we enter the wild and remote north and west of the island where I hope to kayak.

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