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Saturday, 13 October 2007

Above: Lauren.(photo:Andy Wheeler)
There is another kayaking blog available apart from this one! Well, in reality there are loads of them. However my first statement is not far from the truth as his is by far the best. It's much more angry, slightly more opinionated, very thoughtful and certainly longer than my own blog. Perhaps that's why he pushes 2000 readers a day? I've added a link to it. One thing his blog has taught me is that kayaking blogs should not always be about kayaking. That would suggest that kayakers do nothing else. There may be a few people like that, but I think most of us have other facets to our lives. Indeed some of us even have proper jobs although I wont be writing about that.

The point of these comments is to warn the slightly fewer than 2000 readers a day I get that they may well encounter posts here only loosely linked to kayaking on occasion. If this should occur don't worry, I'll lessen the pain with some kayaking pictures from my archive.

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