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Friday, 19 October 2007

Christina and I arrived in Vancouver, Canada 24 hours ago after a journey from the Isle of Man which took the best part of a day. We've not been here long and so it's too early to judge Vancouver. Also the weather so far has been horrendous with constant rain. However, Vancouver reminds me of many of the cities I've previously visited in Australasia. It lies in a stunning setting, nestled between high mountains and surrounds a large natural harbour. It clearly has undergone a massive amount of recent development with ultra modern office blocks, marinas and extremely expensive flats dominating the central harbour area. We've yet to find a soul to this city. This doesn't mean that there isn't one and it could just be a reflection of the brief time we've spent here so far. Of course we have discovered Vancouver's gem - the stunning Stanley Park.
We're off to Victoria on Vancouver Island tomorrow but we will return here later.

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