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Sunday, 14 October 2007

Sunday Paddle?

Photo by Janet Taylor.
Less than 24 hours after saying that I wouldn't talk about work in this blog here goes. I work in the local hospital as a Consultant Anaesthetist. It's Sunday morning and I've been on call since 9 am Friday. I finish at 5 pm Monday! However, before you get too alarmed, apart from my routine duties on Friday and Monday I only need to respond to emergency calls from the hospital. So far I've not been called. Resident in the hospital is a Staff Grade Anaesthetist. They can do most things on their own. This means that if I do get called in it's because things have become really bad. Either there's a very serious case, or it's just very busy. The Staff Grades will have undergone 7 changes of shift by the time I finish! However, potentially, and it has happened, I could have to work solidly for 3 to 4 days with little or no sleep. Not this weekend however; it's been so quiet I keep checking that my phone line is still working.
So what's the point of telling this to a bunch of kayakers. Well none really - it's just another poor excuse for why there's no kayaking news in the blog again.

That'll teach me ............ I've just been called!!!!!!

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