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Sunday, 31 May 2009

Isle of Man Kayaking - The Perfect Race.

To be honest, some of our recent missions to the Sound of Man in search of excitement have proved a little dull. It can be massive in the tidal races there, but it hasn't been. When it is it's great! But when its massive its usually gnarly. It lacks the glassy, smooth, consistent waves we crave. And so it was off to the far side of the Calf of Man to check out a new tidal race at the Stack.
I've seen this race many times but steered well clear. It's often ferocious, with all but the very front most waves "hay stacking". If you succumb to the turmoil and fail to role, this race continues for miles. In fact it sweeps around, past the whirlpool ridden Chicken rock and beyond. A difficult rescue would be required and a very long paddle back to safety.
Despite all that, we have noticed that if you arrive right on low tide (Port Erin time) and at neaps, this race may be the Isle of Man's answer to Penrhyn Mawr. We have more checking out to do, but Ian, Jess and myself enjoyed very surfable smooth glassy waves, only spoiled by a gusty force 5 blowing in the wrong direction. Without the wind this could be the perfect race. We also wonder what it would be like at Spring tides? We'll be back soon to answer these questions.

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The Black Spot said...

I don't think the photos do it justice.