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Friday, 22 May 2009

Isle of Man Kayaking - Solitude.

I paddled alone for the first time in a long while yesterday. I enjoy paddling with my usual paddling partners, but there is something special about the solitude you can experience under inaccessible cliffs, like those between Port Erin and Fleshwick. People in the UK and beyond may feel that the Isle of Man is remote. But compared to Orkney and the Western Isles, both of which I know well, this is a busy little place. Like the photo above, the lack of any visible or audible evidence of humanity can make you look at things from a different angle. Or maybe it is all the free time I have now and being in control of when and if I work. Certainly being back in control of my life has made me allot happier. Unfortunately, further stories emanating from my former work place greatly sadden me.
Tomorrow, there is a mass paddle from Groudle to Peel. This marathon commences at 11 am, and there is overnight camping at Gansey - should be fun.

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Anonymous said...

There is something about the peace of paddling alone that can give you an experience that is not easy to get elsewhere and is very different from paddling in company. It can transforming an everyday paddle in to something really special, or if I'm not in the right frame of mind have me bored enough to turn back early on!

Taken in a couple of sunrises on the water by myself before getting suited for work and its always left a smile on the face days later :)