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Sunday, 10 May 2009

Isle of Man Kayaking - Down Time.

I guess quiting your job for the reasons I did is of great interest, as the web stats for would testify. The surge was only interrupted by the 24 hour down time which occurred over the weekend. My web hosting company had problems with the server, and now I've been moved to a different, hopefully more reliable facility. It could be that people are tuning in to read about all things kayaking? On the other hand, one or two may be expecting something a little more dramatic!
Since leaving my job the weather has improved, or maybe it just seems that way. It was certainly sunny enough as Jess, Ian and myself headed down to the Sound from Port Erin. The race was small, but very playful. Unfortunately the fun was all to short lived as we were on less than spring tides.
Monday, and it was back to work! Well, believe it or not I am working pretty hard. The difference is that I don't drive to work anymore. Instead I walk downstairs to my office. There is a plan of sorts which I'm not totally sure about. But what I lack in confidence I shall try to make up for with determination.

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