Mainly kayaking photographs taken on the Isle of Man and beyond.

Saturday, 2 February 2008

Isle of Man Kayaking - Calf Tidal Races.

There was a narrow weather window to surf the Calf Sound on the Isle of Man today and we took it. With a hazardous drive across sheet ice nearly putting pay to kayaking, Steve, Jess and myself eventually arrived at an uninviting set of tidal races. The tides weren't strong, but a brisk force 6 wind whipped up some breakers and although gnarly, we played the swell and surf. One time I looked around to see the familiar sight of a white Romany hull riding upside down over a large breaking wave and rocks, with it's occupant hidden by the ferocious turmoil beneath. I guess this is why we wear helmets although in fact we weren't. Jess was fine after a rather bungled rescue attempt by myself, Steve saving the day. Later it was Steve's turn as we shared a wave and a triumphant paddle swirl resulted in the shockingly rapid inversion of his red plastic boat. A simple role resolved the situation. With a building wind we headed back for hot tea, coffee and scones in the Calf Cafe. Paddle Buddy can compete with other Manx kayaking clubs when it comes to cuisine you know!


Noah said...

I do think you should mention that the reason my hull is so familiar to you is because when we're paddling together we roll all the time by choice! This is only the SECOND time EVER that I capsized for real in a sea kayak - the first being in serious surf on my baptism-by-fire trip around the island after having been in a sea kayak only once, 6 years before, for a 3-hour calm-water sightseeing trip!

Jessica said...

Of course, that last comment was really made by me.. not by Noah..