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Sunday, 3 February 2008

British Canoe Union!!!!!

Earlier on in January 2008, I wrote a KayakBlog entry entitled "Coach 3 Certificates". In this post I outlined the difficulty and failure myself and others had experienced in attempting to extract our sea kayak coach level 3 certificates from the British Canoe Union (BCU). I thought I would update you.
After 5 failed attempts to speak to a member of the coaching department, along with further unreturned calls, I eventually did manage to speak to someone in the BCU. I explained that I had passed my coach level 3 assessment on the Isle of Man in August 2007, but despite the BCU having been sent all relevant payments and documentation, including from my assessors, I have still not received my certificate! She was unable to locate all the documentation at this time and would get her colleague to deal with this situation. Two days ago I received a letter from the BCU. This congratulated me on my new status as a level 3 coach trainee and encouraged me to go on to take my coach 3 assessment. Once my understandable anger had died down, I made 5 further attempts to phone the BCU but the mystifying absence of human beings in that department had returned and my calls remain unanswered.
Now I don't plan to let this drop. I do plan to leave the BCU. The British Canoe Union's correspondence contains the heart warming words "Helping and inspiring people to go canoeing"! How can an organisation which treats its' paying members like this claim to inspire people?

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