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Saturday, 9 February 2008

Isle of Man Kayaking - Flash!

A couple of my most recent kayakblog entries have been on the negative side. I don't regret writing them. What was said needed to be said. But there is allot to be positive about too. One of the entries I am referring to concerned blogs. I guess that in some form of revenge, my antivirus software now feels that all blogs are a security risk! When I click on my own blog even, it warns me that the site may try to steal my credit card number and pin code! Once I'd recovered from the shrill screeching noise my computer emits when such things happen, I soon realized that this was a false alarm and continued to write this entry.
The internet is a strange phenomenon. It constantly changes technologically, and also in terms of fashion and trends. I dabble in web design. It's just a hobby, and I've still got allot to learn. I recently started to use a program called "Flash", not just to load slide shows but indeed to create a whole interactive web page. Instead of linking through pages on a site, with Flash you can interact with a movie, control what is written, displayed, played or what sound or music is produced. This can all be done in an extremely smooth and rather cool fashion. A very simple example of what I mean can be seen here. So why aren't all websites "Flash"? Why do we still cling to XHTML? Indeed it was predicted that all web sites by now would be Flash (autoscript) or it's cousin Javascript. This has not occurred. Firstly you need a plug-in loaded into your internet browser to view these sites and not everyone has it. You also need a fast internet link such as broadband, and not everyone has that. But, probably most important of all to web designers, at present a search engine will not be able to crawl a site made completely with Flash, and your web site will wallow in Google oblivion!! Until that changes we are stuck with flat, magazine style websites like my own.

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