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Sunday, 27 January 2008

Kayaking Isle of Man - Port Soderick to Port Moar

Steve, Jess and myself decided to shuffle cars and paddle the 16 miles from Port Soderick to Port Moar on the Isle of Man. This is unfamiliar territory for me, especially the latter half of the trip. Sometimes the Isle of Man can feel divided. It's a little over 30 miles in length and yet to travel from the South to the North always seems like a major undertaking. Perhaps its Snaefell, the Island's highest mountain, which cause this division. I'm not sure, but this division extends to kayaking. In the South and West there is one kayak coaching school, and in the North there is the Venture Centre. I trained with the other lot. But this is Venture Centre territory and I've neglected it. This was a mistake as the trip unfolded into a spectacular feast of cliffs, beaches, wildlife and one or two thrilling tidal races. An enjoyable lunch in Laxey with good company completed the whole experience.

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