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Saturday, 23 February 2008

Isle of Man Kayaking - Penguins!

The internet can be a frustrating place. It can also produce marvelous results. I was contacted by "Bob" from California a few weeks ago. This 80 year old kayaker had taken up paddling at the age of 76. As you do when you are 80, Bob took part in a kayaking expedition to the Arctic last year!!! On the trip he befriended Jenny, a paddler from the Isle of Man. The email system let them down, but the internet came to the rescue. Jenny had donated her arctic kayaking gallery to . Bob "Googled" kayaking and Isle of Man and found my web site and Jenny's Gallery. (no mean feet as I've only recently put effort into search engine optimisation). Bob emailed me, I emailed Jenny and the two friends were back in touch.
Jenny is a bit of an adventurer herself and has just returned from the Falklands, South Georgia and Antarctica where she took the photos above. Jenny said that " it was an incredible trip - I even did the polar plunge where they clear a gap in the brash ice around the boat and you jump in!! It was so cold that it renders you speechless and all the expletives going through your mind don't find voice then a hefty crewman pulls you out!"

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