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Friday, 8 February 2008

Isle of Man Kayaking - Blogs.

Since Rene started up my portfolio of frequently read kayaking blogs has mushroomed. It used to be that I read only a select few and I confess that I didn't know of the existence of many of them. It's fascinating to read the regularly updated exploits of like minded people with kayaking in common. Topics can range from expeditions, equipment reviews to philosophical debates about life and relationships, even the cosmos. The vast majority are well written and well meaning. Non of us get paid to do this and we simply write our thoughts and experiences in the hope that others may find them interesting and useful. Unfortunately the latter point is nearly, but not quite true. Daily visitors to may have noticed the unfortunate daily recurrences of familiar blog entries from a particular blog based in my part of the world, namely the Isle of Man. The entry seems to be updated once a week, but then on an almost daily basis the entry date is changed so that it continuously appears near the top of sites such as . I guess if your kayaking business depends on your web site and blog then this may be a reasonable thing to do. It does seem to go against the spirit of most contributors, and indeed most kayakers that I know. I feel it rather spoils Rene's otherwise fantastic website.

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Jessica said...

Very subtle.

It's funny what some people's business foci are, isn't it? Unpredictable and unreliable service, swearing at clients, personal biases influencing "professional" actions - no problem! Let's focus instead on getting the blog top of the list and implying that you could eat cake and be part of a social group if you join! Isn't part of running a business KEEPING the customers, once they find you?

Maybe that's just me and my big-city ideas...