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Thursday, 3 January 2008

Coach 3 Certificates!

When I write these blog entries I always try to include predominantly happy, cheerful content. Very often I read other peoples' scripts to cheer myself up and escape mundane moments at work. This entry however, does not meet these criteria. Instead, with the knowledge that this blog is fed to in mind, I hope that someone who works for the British Canoe Union (BCU) might read this entry.
Last Summer, along with two others, I underwent my Sea Kayak Coach Level 3 Assessment on the Isle of Man. Those readers who have endured this ordeal will know that it is a prolonged, rigorous, intense and exhausting assessment of the candidates' paddling and coaching abilities. We all passed. We all sent off our correct documentation along with our fees to the BCU and eagerly awaited the proud moment our certificates would arrive. Unfortunately this moment has never occurred. We have confirmed that our documentation was received by the BCU. A series of phone calls and other communications have remained unanswered and ignored. At least two of us are still awaiting our Coach 3 certificates. So come on BCU, let me write a happy sequel to this blog entry and send us our certificates!

1 comment:

Simon said...

I dont think this is an isolated problem.

I sat my L2 assessment at the Brein last april and never recived my certificate. They assure me that it was sent but I'm not so sure.

The cheek is that they wont send out a replacement a) as it was an old style assessment & b) it will cost me in the wallet as well.

Hope your story has a better outcome.