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Saturday, 25 July 2009

Kayak Isle of Man - Guidelines.

Having gained a week at home on the Isle of Man before I depart for Stornoway, Jess and I paddled our well trodden route to the Sound. A day earlier my 3 piece Rockpool Alaw Bach returned from Norway. Once again the usual bureaucratic complications delayed it by two days, but it arrived in tact and ready to go. The tough cases I had made last year for it really did preserve the boat. The only damage I could find were a few new scratches, presumably where customs had inspected the craft. On the whole I try to reserve this boat for my foreign trips. This day however, I put it through it's paces in the fast running, spring tidal race. I can confirm that the twelve clips which hold the 3 pieces together were undaunted by the thorough work out I gave the boat as I slammed it down over the numerous standing waves. It's just as well as I'm not sure that the BCU has a offered guidance on what to do if your kayak splits into 3 pieces in rough water! Indeed, my only concerns this day were the huge number of jelly fish in the sea, as shown in the top photograph.


kayakr said...


I'm interested in buying a 3-piece kayak for trips overseas and it's nice to follow your blog and how your test the Alaw Bach. I have concerns about how it can hold in rough conditions.

Nice photos!


The Black Spot said...

The jellyfish came out not half bad, eh? Freaky how many there were.

John said...

It's held up fine so far Peter, even in West Vancouver Island surf,