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Saturday, 4 July 2009

Kayak Isle of Man - Fish Heads.

A few photographs of some of my paddling trips around Lofoten are shown above. Clearly, the lower most photograph is different. It shows thousands of cod fish heads strung up and attached to drying poles. We encountered these on a walk into the mountains a day or two ago. As mentioned in previous posts one of Lofoten's major exports are dried, salted codfish. These go mainly to Southern Europe including Spain and Portugal. Many end up as Bacalao, which consists of the dried, slated cod, potatoes, tomatoes and what ever else comes to hand. The fish heads however are different. They are exported to Nigeria where they are mixed with spices to create a delicious meal! Judging by the blue bottles and the smell there may be some insect life included in this mid African delicacy.

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Nice photos!