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Saturday, 11 July 2009

KAYAK Medical (Part of Limited)

Through KAYAK medical, I offer locum Consultant Anaesthetic services. In particular I specialise in remote and rural anaesthesia. I have worked for over seven years in remote hospitals including Orkney, the Western Isles and the Isle of Man. I understand that remote and rural medicine /anaesthesia is different from mainstream practice. On call hours can be long during which very little emergency work may take place. Alternatively, emergency work can be hectic with few or no juniors or Consultant colleagues to call upon for help. Very often the remote and rural anaesthetist may be required to undertake medical, paediatric or transfer work which would normally be delegated to other specialties in larger centres. Some remote hospitals lack CT scanners, ultrasound expertise or echocardiography. Blood and clotting factors may not be readily available. I am very familiar with and happy to work under these conditions.
On the other hand I did spend six years as a full time Intensive Care Consultant in the Royal Liverpool University Hospital, and I am also familiar with working in large tertiary referral centres.
At present I only carry out locum Consultant Anaesthetist work. If you would like to employ me directly and avoid expensive agency fees, then please contact me by email. I can very quickly supply an up to date CV with references, occupational health, copies of qualifications certificates, criminal record check and CPD information.
KAYAK Medical

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