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Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Kayak Isle of Man - Dates.

I spent most of Tuesday packing my bags. There's allot to remember for my 3 week job up in the Outer Hebrides. It's not just cloths, there's cameras, laptops, and of course kayak and gear. I'm always worried I'll forget something. Even the absence of a camera cable could make it difficult to download photos into my laptop for example. Or a phone charger left behind might mean I had no cell phone whilst on call. And so several hours later I was reasonably sure that everything was packed and ready. A suit case, rucksack and other containers for paddling gear were assembled and ready to load into the car. It was such a relief to get it all done. Then it dawned on me. If my locum started on the 31st of July, was there some reason I had done all this on the21st? None what so ever. I've now unpacked everything again. I got the date wrong! Call it a practice run. I'll have to do it all again next week!

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I found your site from Kayaking dreamin. A really nice site. Seems like you enjoy the waves. Great pics!