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Saturday, 27 December 2008

Sea Kayaking Isle of Man - Cold.

I never like it when I have to defrost my car prior to a kayaking trip! Normally here on the Isle of Man we are protected from such discomforts by the Gulf Stream. Jess, Jo and myself set off from Port Erin to the tidal races at the Sound of Man. Regular readers will know that this is what we do nearly every weekend. But then it's usually a thrilling place to surf. Today spring tides were flattened by the easterly wind. Had the winds been our more usual prevailing westerlies, then they would have lifted the standing waves and hours of surfing fun would have followed. Still, it was worth withstanding the finger numbing cold to catch up with Jo on his brief return to the Island. Tomorrow we should have guaranteed surf at Ramsay at 13:30 - coffee and mince pies available.

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