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Sunday, 21 December 2008

Kayaking Isle of Man - Xmas Slalom Results.

A very pleasant day was had by all. Thanks to John Speakman for the refreshments and to Jim MacGregor for helping to set the course up.

26 individual paddlers took part with many doing 2 or 3 (or more for Liam !!) timed runs. It was great to see so many ladies having a go and beating so many of the blokes. We had the Inter Schools Team event and various mens and ladies teams

QE2 won in 2.10, SNHS 2.27, RGS 3.25 and CRHS 4.57
Ryan/Steve/James in 2.12 (beaten by QE2 mmm !!!!) and Karen/Vicki/Hazel in 3.07

LADIES Karen 1.55 just beating her sister Hazel in 1.57, Emma 2.02, Graihagh 2.34 and Vicki 2.59

GIRLS Jez 2.02, Jasmine 2.20, Rebecca 3.11, Vicky 3.25

MEN Steve 1.26, Ryan 1.32, James Sp 1.35, Jim 1.41, James B 1.48, Gerry ? John ?

BOYS Nick 1.33, Dave ramsey 1.47, Liam 1.49, Dave watt 1.49, Patrick 1.54, Alex 1.56, Richard 2.06, Jack 2.09, Finlo 2.15, Chris 2.17, John 3.08.

It was obvious to the spectators and timers that the standard has risen tremendously over the years with the under 18s in particular have fantastic skills and confidence in attacking the course. As a club we need to encourage these young paddlers as much as possible and if anyone has any ideas as to future events please get in touch.

Sunday 4th January, 10am ish from the Patrick Road...Mass Paddle Down the Neb, everyone is invited. Ring if you need any gear.

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