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Tuesday, 25 March 2008

Kayaking Isle of Man - Links.

The recent storms we have suffered on the Isle of man remind me of some of the kayaking politics we have here. These too can be described as "stormy" on occasion. I was also reminded of this by an email I received from some one I regularly kayak with. She told me that she was planning to set up her own kayaking web site based on the Island. As well as some discussion around format, content and logos, she was concerned that I should not be upset by the new "rival" site. We should not fall out over it and good communication and cooperation were essential with this new venture.
Initially I was a bit confused by this. Why should I be concerned by the arrival of a new kayaking web site? I welcome it. I've seen networks of blogs and web sites working together produce entertaining, informative and highly placed (in terms of search engines) web publications. After several emails it dawned on me what she was referring too. My own web site eventually led to me falling out with a kayaking coach here on the Isle of Man. In fact, many months on, it is clear to me that he is still very upset by the whole series of events. However, if you take the time to look at the situation logically, it is easy to see that everyone wins from this. The more kayaking web sites on the Isle of Man the better. The worste thing that could happen to your site is that the new site rises up Google e.g. when you enter kayaking and Isle of Man, and pushes you down the search engines a notch. But if you link with the new site, each becomes much more powerful. Try putting just "kayaking" into Google and there are no Manx entries anywhere near the top of the list of 16 million sites! If we could learn to cooperate in this way then we would all benefit. There are only about 4 kayaking websites on the Isle of Man, and only two of them will link!!! I find this bazaar and self destructive.

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