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Sunday, 23 March 2008

Kayaking Isle of Man - Good Coaching.

I was walking high up on Bradda Head on the Isle of Man today. Looking down from the steep cliffs into Port Erin Bay, I watched a master class in good kayak coaching and group control. Two coaches escorted three novices along the north side of the bay. Steep cliffs provided shelter from the force 6 northerly winds. At the end of the bay and in a sheltered spot, two novices were left with one coach whilst the third student was escorted individually by the most experienced guide into rough water. One swim was swiftly resolved with a rescue and a contact tow back to shelter. The group then proceeded back to the harbour with sizable surf pushing them back to shore. The lead coach escorted closely the weakest paddler, whilst the slowest paddler was escorted side by side by another coach at the rear. The third novice needed no help but was occasionally rounded up by these two pros when he or she (too far away to tell) became over confident and strayed from the group in the surf and swell. The group control was superb and the identification of which novice needed what cover was exemplary. I had a panoramic view of the whole master class. I only hope that my former coach passed on these same skills to me which he demonstrated so proficiently in Port Erin today.
No pictures, instead Ian showing a very relaxed surfing style in Peel yesterday.

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