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Tuesday, 11 March 2008

Kayaking Isle of Man - Collisions!

Life is full of collisions, and so it would seem is kayaking. The above crash occurred on Saturday at Gansey Beach. All involved were fine. It's easily done. I collided myself with a surf boarder that day. I was riding a very large wave in a 17.5 ft sea kayak. I though I would miss him easily. At the last moment the pitch of the wave increased. This pushed around the stern of my sea kayak onto a collision course with the surfer. I didn't have time to react. Of course the correct thing to do would be to capsize but there really wasn't time. There's no excuse. He was fine and I apologised. There was no harm done. His reaction was great and he acknowledged my apology. Later on I saw him collide with another surf boarder. Again a good natured exchange followed as apology's were issued. It was great to see sea kayakers, play boaters and surf boarders sharing the beach in such a good natured way.
Thanks to Sarah for the photos.

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