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Tuesday, 18 March 2008

Kayaking Isle of Man - Around the Calf.

On Saturday the gentle "Girls" paddle attracted 10 out of 13 Paddle Buddies. Sunday's rather more extreme paddle around the Calf of Man attracted two of us. I guess we are all different. To me kayaking is all about playing the waves, using your skills to survive, and yes, a large dose of adrenaline thrown in. But I think these simple statistics demonstrate that this is not every one's cup of tea. I once asked my former kayaking coach why we didn't do more extreme paddling? He said that most people didn't want it. He was even concerned about people on shore observing some of our more reckless activities. I didn't agree with him but he was right.
Either way Jess and I set off from Port Erin, played in the tidal races at the Sound of Man, and then circumnavigated the Calf. It was Jess's first time around the Calf, in conditions which were not easy. Rough seas, flowing tidal races and strong headwinds meant that by the time we returned to Port Erin we were both cold, tired and very hungry.

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