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Tuesday, 25 March 2008

Kayaking Isle of Man - 3 piece Update!

I've been asked quite often recently "where is my new carbon 3 piece kayak from Rockpool?" I wondered that myself and so I gave Mike Webb of Rockpool Kayaks a call this morning. Mike answered the phone and quickly said that he'd been attempting to build an all carbon 3 piece Alaw Bach for me but was having real problems. He sounded exasperated and I felt slightly guilty for ever asking him in the first place. He does have a business to run after all without people like me asking for work intensive, one off non standard boats - my words not his. He was fine. I think he was just fed up that he hadn't succeeded. He said that he just could not get the carbon to wrap around the fittings. I don't completely understand all that myself but when a fibre glass craftsman like Webby tells me it can't be done then I believe him. Instead we've compromised. It's going to be part carbon and part fibre glass. He'll start it Friday and I hope to have it in 3 weeks time. I've begged for some construction photographs in the mean time, and if I get them I'll post them. He did finish up by saying he's never going to build another one so don't even think about phoning up and asking for one!

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