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Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Kayak Isle of Man - Scalpay Circumnavigation.

I crossed the cratered, moonscape terrain of the Isle of Lewis, scarred by centuries of peat extraction, and reached the more mountainous Isle of Harris. Harris is reminiscent of Norway, with craggy mountains and long fjords or lochs penetrating the intricate coastline. I was in search of a paddle after 4 days of consecutive "on call" but the weather was conspiring against me. But I've lived on various islands now for 7 years and I knew all I'd have to do is wait a little for the ground cloud and drizzle to clear. Eventually, I settled for a circumnavigation of the Isle of Scalpay in Loch Tarbert on the South East side of Harris. I'd been told that there may be a tidal play spot under the bridge that serves the island but I'd timed it wrong. The location compensated me with the company of a sea otter as I left the small main harbour. Rounding the south west corner beneath the light house, I was battered by the exposed Atlantic rollers, many of them breaking over me. These were perhaps a little bigger than I would normally have been comfortable with whilst paddling alone in unfamiliar waters, but the views across to North Uist and the Isle of Skye made the risk worth while.

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