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Sunday, 9 August 2009

Kayak Isle of Man - Loch Seaforth.

The photos above are of Scarp, Outer Hebrides, and were taken a couple of days ago. As Douglas of Sea Kayaking with said in his comment on my previous post, there is always a special light around Scarp, which certainly helps the photographer. The same cannot be said of Seaforth Loch (below) on the other side of Harris. It was a grey, dull, miserable, damp day as I paddled from Marig to the Minch through Loch Seaforth. To confound the situation, the wind was blasting straight down the Loch which acted as a wind tunnel and the outward trip was more like a hard gym session than a pleasurable paddle. Still, all was not lost as I rocketed back to my starting point with a following tide thrown in for good measure.


kayakr said...

beautiful pictures in beautiful surroundings!

The Black Spot said...

Why, honestly, would anyone abandon a house or a farm in that setting?