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Monday, 15 June 2009

Isle of Man Kayaking - Crash.

I've seen the fallout from 2 accidents in the past 24 hours. The first was the mangled remains of a riderless motorcycle beneath a big 4 x 4 car. In this case reverse was selected a bit too vigorously, felling the parked bike. The second involved another parked car, the driver of which meant to select reverse, but instead selected drive. The car demolished a 1 foot thick stone wall behind which he had parked!
They say accidents come in threes! Well I hope not. I've just "posted" my 3 piece Rockpool Alaw Bach from the Isle of Man all the way to Tromso in northern Norway. We hope to meet up with the kayak in about 7 days all being well. I'm hoping it doesn't sustain the catastrophic damage it suffered during it's return trip from Vancouver Island last year. I'll keep you posted.

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