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Monday, 9 June 2008

Sea Kayaking Isle of Man - Torpedos!

I've paddled every day for the last three days at Laxey, Peel and Niarbyl. For two of these paddles I was accompanied by Fiona. She's a very good paddler but dropped the sport for a while when the Manx Canoe Club disbanded a few years ago. She has coached in the past and certainly has most of the skills at her finger tips. However, perhaps the thing I find most intriguing about Fiona is her kayak. I think it was once a World War 2 torpedo which has undergone some kind of conversion! It lacks bulk heads, deck lines and the optimal length for speed. And yet she throws it around with precision, her role is balletic and yes, I even struggled to keep up with her at times. We joked about this and so she won't mind my seemingly unkind comments. Either way, Fiona tried out my Rockpool and will be paying the factory a visit in the near future.

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