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Friday, 20 June 2008

Kayaking Isle of Man - The Truth?

Ok, I guess I should come clean about last weekend's paddle. Although Butler is an awesome paddler, who is reputed to be able to do 46 different types of role, it had been nearly a year since he'd paddled. We didn't time our return crossing from the Calf to the Isle of Man well. The tide picked up to a steady 2 knots, the wind increased to force 2 and yes I had to tow Mike across. Before you rush to laugh and condemn him, bare in mind that the Sound can be dangerous, it's reputation for ferocious currents is legendary, and Mike was a little rusty. We planned to keep this quiet but this is a small Island and word spread quickly. Mike will be out again this Saturday practicing.
(I guess this is the sort of blog entry that can get you into trouble with your friends?)

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