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Thursday, 17 April 2008

kayaking Isle of Man - Tidal Races.

Sea kayaking can be a relaxing, peaceful paddle on a gloriously sunny day, observing the myriad of coastal wildlife around our shores. For me however, sea kayaking is an extreme sport which at best takes place in a tidal race. A tidal race occurs when huge quantities of sea water move with the rising or falling tide through a constriction. This narrowing can occur between two landmasses such as islands or large rocks. It can just as easily arise from beneath, as a shelf or reef on the sea bed pushes water upwards. If a large volume of water is suddenly pushed through a narrow gap, it has no choice but to speed up. With speed comes turbulence, standing waves and a great deal of extreme, but potentially dangerous, fun for the sea kayaker. Indeed, speeds of up to 17 knots have been recorded in one tidal race off Vancouver Island in Canada. can read the rest of this article at

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