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Wednesday, 23 April 2008

Kayaking Isle of Man - Ramblings!

The picture above of me was taken 3 days ago. When I first saw it I thought how old I seem to be looking these days. I am 43 today! Perhaps the illusion of ageing was brought on by the frantic paddling in a tidal race I'd participated in just a few minutes earlier. Salt water does age prematurely. Perhaps its something to do with my job. Working as a Consultant Anaesthetist can be unpleasant. Who knows? Still I do have one or two things to celebrate today. Firstly my 3 piece Rockpool Alaw Bach is ready. I've waited a long time for this boat and I know it will be something special having been hand built by Mike Webb. I can't actually get my hands on it today, but knowing it exists is enough. Something to look forward to in the very near future.
The other cause for celebration is that my Coach level 3 certificate has finally arrived. You may remember that I passed my assessment back in August 2007, but had failed for nearly 8 months to extract the certificate from the BCU. You may be wondering what the problem was. Perhaps it was the paper work or information from my assessors was lacking? Well, it was neither of those things. Instead the cheque that all 3 of us who passed that day sent to the BCU was short by £2.50! Now, I can understand that all those £2.50s could add up to a great deal over the years if we all short changed the BCU. They were right to stick it out for the full amount. What non of us can understand is why they couldn't actually bring themselves to tell us what the problem was. I only found out through a very indirect route. You don't think that this is why I'm looking so old do you?


Jessica said...

Definitely a flaw in the photo (or photographer error?). Not what you look like in reality at all..

Danny said...

Hi John
Nice new look to your blog , and I'm glad your new 3 piece kayak is near at hand I would like to see a picture of it if poss soon ! I've been on the steam packet site looking for sailings from Belfast to I.O.M. in July so fingers crossed I'll be paddling over in your waters again very soon, Peel watch out red Kayak about ! Keep up the nice work on the site and best regards from my family and me to yourself and co , take care happy paddling. Danny Belfast kayak Club.