Mainly kayaking photographs taken on the Isle of Man and beyond.

Friday, 4 April 2008

Kayaking Isle of Man - Port Moar.

I found myself in an unusual position today. My girlfriend can't see me because she's going kayaking! The tables have been turned here well and truly. Tonight she starts her pool course at the Venture Centre in Ramsay. Not to be outdone however, I took a solo trip from Port Moar, around Maughold head, and off towards Ramsay. This is Venture Centre territory and I've never paddled it before. I was pleasantly surprised at the scenery and the wildlife. The latter really got up close and personal as 5 seals surrounded me, one chewing on my stern toggle. A little further on an unidentified sea bird flew into my kayak and knocked itself out! It quickly recovered and swam off underwater - at least I think it swam. I do try to blend in with the environment and remain unobtrusive and invisible to wildlife, but I guess I may have taken things too far.

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