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Thursday, 10 April 2008

Kayaking Isle of Man - Spam!

It's amazing how many of us these days have web sites of one sort or other. These can range from simple "Facebook" type entries, blogs, amateur web sites all the way through to glossy commercial sites promoting a business. Which ever it is, the minute you add a means by which you can be contacted then the spammers are in business. Of course, you could make it so that no body can contact you. Not surprisingly, however, those of us with such sites wish to communicate, and we want it to be two way, at least to some extent. There are ways of adding your email address to your site which make the spammers job more difficult, but it's difficult to stop them all together.
Traffic on my own web site grows week in and week out, and so does my spam. At one time I was irritated and even annoyed by it but I'm starting to look at it differently. Some of these entries are mini masterpieces of comedy and satire. Apparently, I have access to various funds around the world. These are overwhelmingly in US dollars and have ranged from $800k to $30 million! I can't believe my luck; I've been offered such large sums, at a time when the global economy has taken such a down turn. Sometimes I'm required to wire large amounts of money in order to liberate my larger amount of dollars, $10,000 is the record so far. Other times it's much more simple; all they require is my identity - name, address, phone number etc. Perhaps most bazaar are the messages sent by bankers based in London, with English names but who write in a type of pigeon English! Perhaps this is done to reassure me? One other fellow, who did own up to starting out in Nigeria, has moved my money to China, and now he is currently in Iran. I salute his imagination, but why is he in Iran and not somewhere more accessibly like Switzerland?
Joking apart I have enjoyed some of these messages and I would like to thank the spammers for taking the time to provide me with such great entertainment. Never the less, it is possible to have too much of a good thing and even I will be introducing some anti spam measures to my web site soon.

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