Mainly kayaking photographs taken on the Isle of Man and beyond.

Thursday, 20 December 2007

Kayakblog has been quiet recently. I've been busy producing the new . This process is pretty well complete. The web site has had a complete face lift. In addition there is some new content with 6 new pages. In particular the new site now incorporates Manx Paddle Sports who have moved over to . There is also the new Paddle Buddy page. This allows paddlers on or visiting the Isle of Man to find kayaking buddies. This system is still under test by a handful of us, hence the delay in launching the new site until Saturday 22nd December 2007. There will also be new content added over the next few weeks after the launch with new paddles described, and some new galleries. Unfortunately this will mean that the site will be down for some time on Saturday. I hope the new web site will be uploaded and ready by Sunday 23rd December.

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