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Saturday, 15 December 2007

Peel to Glen Maye

You know, apart from the daily technical battle I enjoy fighting with software, broadband links and servers, the other great advantage you get from running a website is meeting people through it. That's how I encountered Jessica. We set off from Peel to Glen Maye this afternoon on a chilly but largely flat sea. After 45 minutes we reached Glen Maye, about half the time I would normally expect. We then decided to test our sculling skills and later roles, reentry and roles and towing. All went without a hitch. It's rare to meet someone who has clearly reached 4 star level after paddling for 4 months only. Still if your maiden trip involves a circumnavigation of the Isle of Man then I guess I shouldn't be surprised. It must also reflect the excellent coaching she has received from Adventurous Experiences and I know that she is hoping to take her 3 star assessment with them soon. I have no doubt that she will fly through this.

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