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Friday, 7 December 2007

Kayak Marathon.

Desperate for a paddle I took the Rockpool out of the garage and exposed it to the force 8 to 9 winds we have currently blowing here in the Isle of Man. From Port Erin, around to Port St. Mary, then Laxey, Ramsey and back to Peel we went. Unfortunately this 5o mile paddling trip took place with the Rockpool on top of my car rather than in the sea, as I searched for a paddling opportunity. It really was horrific out there. Steam was rising from the top of the sizable waves; Nigel Dennis says that this means it is at least force 8!
All was not quite lost however. At Port Cornaa I decided to go for it. Launching in the river I paddled into the sea through the narrow passage between the shingle beach and the rock face. Where the river meets the sea there were some interesting wave formations allowing briefly a bit of surfing. Soon the tide dropped and the wind seemed determined to blow me off to the UK and so it was time to come back in. I've never paddled at Port Cornaa before but it seems like a good little spot especially when there's a force 9 westerly hitting the Island.

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